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IMIG Lean Convention 2013
Organized by International Management & Innovation Consultancy Group (IMIG Group) and hosted by IMIG Nanjing Office, IMIG Lean Convention 2013 – “Driving Success by Efficiency & Effectiveness” had been successfully held in Sofitel hotel and IMIG Nanjing Office on April 17th -19th 2013 under the support of Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone, VDA, BSH, Jacob and MHP. About one hundred people attended this convention, including Ameco, Bosch, Continental, Nanjing Electric, Zhongjiang, Motor Industry Association, EMAG China, CCPIT, German Chamber, Ufida, EUCCC and so on.

IMIG Nanjing Office Opening Ceremony
Date: January 18th
Venue: IMIG Training & Engineering Center, Nanjing

Congratulations and thanks to all our guests! IMIG Nanjing Office had a successfully opening ceremony on January 18th 2013.

With more than ten years experience, IMIG Shanghai has become a leading supplier for production system and business system solutions. Our holistic approach has focus on identifying and developing potentials for profitable growth as well as designing and implementing optimized workflows and structures for processes in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, innovation, management and human resources. The culture differences among each organization, industry and area are pivotal in our Lean implementation and cost reduction programs. Thus, depending on the background and requirements of our clients and their specific processes, we provide customized trainings and project approaches.

2011 Lean Summit
2011.07.15 - From June 16 to 18, Lean Organization China hosted the 2011 Lean Summit in Shanghai, one of the most famous Lean management events in China. After a successful sponsorship during the 2010 Lean Summit, IMIG China joined this year’s Lean event together with about 200 national and international Lean practitioners.

This year, the focus of the conference shifted to even more cases of successful Lean implementation in China During workshops and presentations, international Lean experts and practitioners from Dupond, LeanCor, GE Health, GANT and Toyota Taiwan shared their experiences in implementing a sustainable Lean culture.

During the whole event, we presented the newest IMIG China services and discussed with representatives of Chinese and international companies how to help them in improving their companies’ performance in an efficient and sustainable way.”
IMIG China Newsletter 2011 1st edition
IMIG Greeting First Newsletter is released, you can find the most updated news about IMIG through the following links:
IMIG China Newsletter 2011 1st edition
New CEO of IMIG China: Dr. Frank Henze
Dr. Frank Henze took over the role as the CEO of IMIG China on January 1st, 2011, from Mr. Martin Uhlemann, who took on a new challenge in the manufacturing industry in South China.

Dr. Frank Henze has been working for over 25 years in various industries, and has been holding over 17 years of leading positions in R&D in Europe, the Americas and in China since 2004. Some of Dr. Henze other areas of specialty include production, supply chain and implementation of business systems.

IMIG China has been successfully serving market leaders in industries ranging from automotive to telecom in the past couple of years. Next to our traditional fields of activity including lean and lean six sigma, we keep a keen eye on new fields that could be your next challenge in China. Right now, we are strengthening our R&D consulting team to help the strongly growing need for more efficient innovation in China.

We believe IMIG China will be your partner for profitable growth by innovation!
IMIG China 2009 newsletter is released
IMIG China 2009 newsletter is released, you can find the most updated news about IMIG through the following links: China Newsletter_201001_AVG_EN.pdf
IMIG Speech at MICC 2009 China Lean Summit
---- Lean Innovation- Create Your Future
MICC - Made in China Cooperation Group - China Lean Summit was held on Nov. 5-6th, 2009 in Shanghai Longement Regent Hotel. IMIG was invited to attend this Chinese local lean society event, and our CEO, Mr. Martin Uhlemann and VP, Ms. Annie Jin presented a speech on the Lean Innovation topic.

This yearly summit attracted around 300 participants around China from different industries. Speakers coming from United State, Japan, Germany and China shared their lean experiences in lean production, logistics and Supply Chain Management, Lean Leadership with the audients. They are: Nakamura Shinichi, ex-Toyota lean experts; Pro. Min Xinguo, Shanghai Jiaotong University; Dr. Marcus Chao, CEO of Lean Enterprise China; Lee Yonkui, ex- Global Revolution Leader of Samsung Electics.

Under the “Lean Innovation-create your future” topic, IMIG introduced our services to local enterprisers, and broaden their horizon in Lean Innovation and R&D management. In terms of our mission “Your Partner for profitable growth”, we are looking forward to accompany China clients on their lean journey!

HAMITO goes to China
After the success history of HAMITO in Germany, IMIG China decided to develop their own business game, which is adapted to the special demands of the Chinese market.
Based on the main features of HAMITO the Chinese version should be advanced in case of mobility and flexibility, so that we also can playfully train our Chinese customers as regards Lean Production including all methods and tools. Therefore all main parts of the game are newly designed and adapted to the demands of our Chinese customers.
Shortly the first probation cycles will start, so that we will have a further, instructive, motivating and conclusive business game at the market from last summer 2009!

 Lean Management Training in Danjiang
April 17 and 18, IMIG together with National Metallurgy Industry Assosciation organized a Lean Management Training in Hanjing Group Longshan Hotel. Total 49 managers from different companies in the industry attended this two days training.

This Lean Management Training is organized by National Metallurgy Industry Assosciation, and invited IMIG as the trainer. The expected training participants are production supervisors and department managers. At the same time, the HR department of Hanjiang group also attended this meeting. In the opening ceremary, the head of HR department Mr. Liu gave a warm speech to welcome the organizer and participants of this training, he also briefly introduced Hanjiang group and the results achieved by previous trainings and educations. He wishes the trainees from different regions, different companies can keep communication to learn and improve together.

The lean management training invited the vice manager, China Quality Association certified six sigma black-belt trainer Ms. Jin Yan, and senior consultant of IMIG Mr. Xie Linchun to be the trainer. During the two days training, Ms. Jin and Mr. Xie introduced the basics of lean production system, which includes Kaizen, team building, VSM/VSD, OEE, TPM, etc. And also relating the knowledge with real life cases. After the training, participants received the certification from National Metallurgy Industry Association.
 IMIG congratulates BT Burgmann on winning SCM Excellence Award
BT Burgmann in Vicenza/ Italy, a subsidiary of Eagle- Burgmann, won the Freudenberg Group’s “Supply Chain Management Excellence Award 2008”.

In the past, the on-time-delivery rate of BT Burgmann was only at 60 percent, resulting in customer complaints. That’s why in 2007, the company decided to start a supply chain project supported by IMIG Germany in order to scrutinize the entire production process and systematically focus on closer customer orientation. Only one year after project start, roughly 70 percent of the manufactured production volume was using Kanban in order to plan the production process from dispatch to material order. This is one of the main reasons why BT Burgmann was able to improve its on-time-delivery rate up to 95 percent, reduce the backlog from 300,000 to between 2,000 and 6,000 parts and cut its stock by 25 percent (within six months!).

We want to congratulate BT Burgmann and our colleagues from IMIG AG in Germany for this impressive and successful project.
IMIG China 2009 newsletter is released
IMIG China 2009 newsletter is released, you can find the most updated news about IMIG through the following links: China Newsletter_090330_YIH_CN_final.pdf China Newsletter_090330_YIH_EN_Final.pdf
Set up new business units-management system(Management System)
Although IMIG plans to develop management system consulting between 2009 and 2010 according to the strategic planning. The projects in Hermes and EGO have already involved this area. Since our success and the customers’ demand in these two projects, IMIG decides to set up the business unit of management system formerly. We foresee that BUM will become the second biggest business unit in turnover this year, only after BUPS.
Nikolai Esch will be transferred from BUI (Business Unit of Management and Innovation) to BUM and become a full-time consultant in this unit; this group will develop further in the near future.
Michael Goldhacker takes the charge of vice president of the Asia-Pacific region of IMIG officially 01.01.2008
On January 1st 2008, Mr. Michael Goldhacker takes the charge of vice president of the Asia-Pacific region of IMIG and is thus responsible for the business expansion and projects management in this region. At the same time, he is also the responsible person of production system business unit in IMIG.
Before joining IMIG, Mr. Michael Goldhacker was the responsible person for global manufacturing section in Siemens VDO. He was responsible for the promotion of Siemens VDO production system(SVPS)in dozens of factories worldwide.
AMECO Lean System: comprehensive implementation of the first phase 15.12.2007
On December, AMECO(Beijing Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Corporation)Lean program(AMLP)started formerly. This program is the first systematic program of IMIG in aviation industry. The whole project has an expansion of about one year, which helps AMECO set up the whole Lean system, including Lean production, Lean logistics, Lean administration and Lean management.
The first phase implementation of Lean system was formerly over on December 14. In this phase, Lean wish training of the high-level managers, wheel workshop Lean pilot implementation and the primary design of AMECO Lean system. In this phase, basic expected objectives have been achieved and the customer has identified us. Both sides have achieved recognition of the implementation in the next stage. AMECO is a joint venture of China International
Aviation Company and German Lufthansa Aviation Company. Currently they have a staff of over 5000 and play a leading role in the domestic aviation repair industry.
IMIG and SMS Demag signs the first phase contract of production system implementation 18.11.2007
Last week, IMIG carried out a management workshop for nearly 50 senior management staff in SMS Demag. The workshop aimed at conveying to the participants how to design, define and implement a production system which meets the specific needs of SMS Demag.
The workshop has had a positive effect. SMS Demag decided to carry out pilot implementation in four pilot areas before the end of January next year. At the same time, SMS Demag expressed IMIG their wish to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.
SMS Demag is a leading manufacturer of metallurgical equipment worldwide. It has engaged in the design, development and production of iron, steel and non-ferrous metal equipments for nearly two hundred years. It has factories and branches worldwide including China.
IMIG and Continental Automotive signed management counseling project agreement 17.11.2007
Recently, IMIG and Continental Automotive System signed management counseling project management agreement. The main objective of the project is to prepare for the integration of Siemens VDO Production System (SVPS) and Conti Management System.
Continental Management System has acquired Motorola and Siemens VDO Automotive Electronics and rose to become the world’s first level supplier of the top three automotive industries. This project is the first cooperation between IMIG and Continental. IMIG has been appreciated by Continental due to the success of the design and implementation of Siemens VDO production system and is expected to cooperate further in the future.
The Third IMIG TPS Tour was Successfully Finished 16.11. 2007
In November, the third TPS tour was hold according to the plan. This study trip continuous the international characteristics, there are more than 10 people from Germany and China joined this trip. They are all top managers and lean production practitioner from world leading companies.
In the 3 days trip, IMIG together with its Japan subsidiary FMIC arranged the visit to Toyota plant and Tokai Press which is a professional automotive moulding design and manufacturing company. TPS expert Mr. Horikiri Sensei explained all kinds of questions from the participants. The whole trip combines the theory and practice together, gave a deep impression to all the participants.

IMIG Helped Hella Changchun with OpEx Project 31.10. 2007
Hella Changchun is a wholly invested company of Hella Germany, which is the world leading automotive lighting and electric products provider. It is the major automotive lighting supplier of VW, GM, Yi Qi Group, Ha Fei Group, Jin Bei Group, Chery Automotivem and some other international and domestic automotive companies.
In this project, IMIG China works together with Hella Changchun OpEx department on the production line improvement, 5S and visualization, SMED, and pull logistics etc. And throught this project to push the further implementation of Hella Production System.
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