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2016 IMIG Public Training Calendar
IMIG offer public training in Shanghai & Nanjing regularly. Our public training includes: Lean Manufacturing, HAMITO to GO, Lean Administration, Lean R&D, MTM etc. And we offer the active and direct relation to each training participant by working in small groups and on practical case studies.
For more information about IMIG 2016 Training Calendars, please see the detailed chart as followed:

Industry 4.0 Study Tour in Germany
In 2013 the State Council of China adopted its newest and most ambitious manufacturing roadmap for the future. This map was entitled “Made in China 2025” and its goal is to put China at the top of the world in terms of manufacturing. The plan makes clear that China can no longer suffer 2nd and 3rd rate manufacturing. There are many things about this plan which makes it unique to China but there are also KEY elements which can be found in in plans set out by other countries. In particular the German plan, called Industry 4.0, serves are an early model for “China 2025”.

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is today's benchmark for highly efficient production and development among all the different  industries. Coming from a long history, Toyota focuses consequently on the company's principles and quality standards and communicates those among the employees as well as to their suppliers. Now implementing Lean Manufacturing has become a consensus. To Chinese manufacturing enterprises,the touris just beginning.

Lean R & D simulation workshop
The identification and elimination of waste is a pivotal element of Lean. Product Development has a major impact on all downstream processes in a company, so understanding how to identify and eliminate waste is imperative to maintain competitive advantage and improve the bottom line.

Lean Convention 2013
Growing challenges in today’s global competition have prompted many enterprises to adopt new management strategies in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness and therefore competitiveness. The ultimate goal of Lean is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. However.

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