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Consulting Services
  Lean Management
Lean management is to help customer build up its own lean production system in a systematic way, integrate the company vision, business process and continuous improvement organically. Through the internal communication to finally help the company to achieve sustainable success. The business solution includes customer satisfication strategy, fast and safe product launch, production organization optimization, value chain optimization, process visulalization and monitoring, balanced scorecard and cookpit system, etc.
4  4 Lean Manufacturing
The target of lean manufacturing is helping customer implement the continuous improvement methodology. Through coaching the customer team, teaching the methods and tools of basic continuous improvement, cultivate the idea of continuous improvement among customers, managers and general staffs. Its key solutions includes: continuous improvement, 7 waste, 5S, TPM, SMED, teamwork and team spirit, etc.
5  5 Lean Logistics
Lean logistics helps customer to optimize the whole supply chain: lower the inventory level but increase the supply capability to shorten the lead time, lower the logistics cost. The solution includes: sourcing class, service class, VSM/VSD, inventory management, Kanban, etc.
1  1 Lean Administration
Lean is generated from the method of identify and eliminate waste, so as to gain competitive advantage. But those lean managers will notice that other corporate activities can also benefited from lean. Most of the time, the cross department information flow is very complex, there are always a lot of steps to management and control the information process and finally management and control the whole company. Using lean principle, we can simplify the daily operations, build up logical procedurem, try to decrease those repetitive work, so as to speed up the core business process, and respond to customers’ demand.
  Lean Innovation
Lean innovation is to help customer to systematically and structurally set up the innovation management system, improve the develop capability of new product, new service and new market, so that to retain the sustainable competitiveness. The solution includes: profitable growth strategy, fast new product launch strategy, change management, thinking management, TRIZ, strategic early detection, innovative organization etc.
6  6 Lean Six Sigma
Lean is an approach that seeks to improve flow in the value stream and eliminate waste. Six Sigma uses a powerful framework (DMAIC) and statistical tools to uncover root causes to understand and reduce variation. A combination of both provides a structured improvement approach and effective tools to solve problems. This creates rapid transformational improvement at lower cost.
7  7 Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is the application of Six Sigma principles to the design of products and their manufacturing and support processes. DFSS seeks to aviod manufacturing/service process problems by using advanced Voice of the Customer techniques and proper systems engineering techniques to avoid process problems at the outset.
8  8 Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a philosophy of leadership, teamwork and problem solving resulting in continuous improvement throughout the organization by focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees, and optimizing existing activities in the process. Operational excellence’s values lie within Safety, Quality, Productivity, Human Development, Cost, and Implementation of Operational Excellence. Operational excellence stresses the need to continually improve by promoting a stronger teamwork atmosphere. Satefy and quality improvements for employees and customers lead towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

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