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About Us

International Management & Innovation Group

The "International Management & Innovation Group" (IMIG) is an internationally operating consulting company with headquarter in Germany. IMIG was founded by Dr. Matthias Hartmann and originates from the “Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research”, the biggest European research institute.

With more than ten years experience, we are the world's leading supplier for production system solutions. Due to our holistic approach, we are focusing on manufacturing, logistics, supplier development, production systems, innovation systems, business systems and Lean Six Sigma.

We are providing long-time experiences of structuring and improving business processes. Thereby we focus on identifying and developing potentials for profitable growth as well as designing and implementing optimized workflows and structures for processes in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, innovation, management and human resource.

International Management Innovation Consultancy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Since 2004, IMIG has been providing its services to its clients in China and the Asian Pacific Area. Due to our steady growth and commitment to the Chinese and Greater China market, in 2008, we transformed our Shanghai Representative Office into a WOFE, the “International Management Innovation Consultancy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”

Our philosophy consists of working together with the process experts of our clients in implementing Lean methodologies, reducing their cost and improving their performance in order to achieve sustainable improvement results and the expected sales breakthrough.

We have developed extended experience in combining German and Chinese efficiency and knowledge as well as providing our services to MNEs and Chinese enterprises from various industries, such as aviation, automotive, consumer goods, glass, insurance, kitchenware, mechanical engineering, MRO, process, white ware.

The culture difference among each organization, industry and area is the key point during our Lean implementation and cost reduction programs. Thus, depending on the background and requirements of our clients and their specific processes, we are providing customized trainings and project approaches.

We are your partner

  • We are an international management consultancy with headquarter in Germany
  • We combine German and Chinese efficiency and knowledge to guarantee our customers an unique implementation approach
  • We help to discover the improvement potential in your operations management, manufacturing, service, logistics and innovation processes and systems
  • We provide customized solutions to optimize your performance and efficiency
  • We are Your Partner for Profitable Growth by Innovation


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